DiCAPac Underwater Camera Bag

For our honeymoon I bought a DiCAPac 510. It’s basically a ziplock bag for your camera. It’s supposed to be good for about 15 feet but I’m not sure you’d want to take it down that deep. I will say that it worked really great during our entire trip. I took it everywhere with water. For $30, it’s a lot less than a real underwater housing that costs around $200. Especially for a point and shoot camera that only costs $150. (I also figured that if the bag leaked and ruined my Canon Powershot, it would be an excuse to upgrade cameras… sadly, I’ll have to wait even longer since the DiCAPac worked.)

DiCAPac 510 Underwater Test from LeahAndMark.com on Vimeo.

It IS difficult to do anything more than turn the camera on and take a picture. My camera has a turning dial for the different automatic settings – and you have to be delicate when you turn the dial through the bag or else cut through the bag and ruin it’s waterproofing capabilities. Also – you have to line up the camera just right so that the black tube for the lens housing isn’t in the picture. But for $30 – what do you expect out of a ziplock bag for your camera?

Oh yeah – and when sealing the ziplock part – make sure you take something flat and smooth and basically run it along the seal to make sure it’s absolutely ziplock’d. That’s about it. If your DiCAPac isn’t defective, then the seal will work and you shouldn’t have any problems. You’ll know if the bag is leaking if when you put it underwater, bubbles are flooding out of the bag.

We’re deep in festival season here in Atlanta – and every neighborhood has one – and down where we live in Inman Park, the neighborhoods might cover 2 square miles and each of them still has their own festival. Some are alright – but most of them suck. It’s just… the same thing over and over.

I think that while we’re paying down debt and saving up to travel out of the country – instead of going to these weekend festivals, we should just take day roadtrips around Georgia. It would cost the same amount of money since the food at these neighborhood festivals is such a big rip off anyways. Plus, we could just picknick our food for the roadtrips – except for you know, if we find a good barbecue shack – and of course we have to get boiled peanuts from some guy on the side of the road.

I used to have that shirt.

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  1. Oh, c'mon… Festivals are fun, they at least get you out of the house, enjoying the weather and enjoying a community spirit… Right?

    We don't have festivals in Darwin, but there's lots of Markets. They start on Thursday night with the Sunset Markets, and all through the weekend there's different markets, until Sunday night again, with the Sunset Markets again. Even though they are all the same and I think a lot of people can make a full time living out of going to each of the markets, it's so great to just get out, have a meal and hang out on the grass with the sprog and Mr Moi (seeing as we have no friends here yet!)

    1. Oh alright… maybe the reason is that after the 3rd festival – I'm done. I mean, I had a ton of fun at our first festival this year, but these last few have just been blah blah blah… How long do you see yourselves being in Darwin?

  2. Hmm… well, technically forever, because unlike the last job where Mr Moi was on a contract, he's now a permanent employee. But now that we're back in Australia, we're homesick for our hometown (brisbane) where all our family is… or our second home town (Sydney) where lots of our friends are. I guess Brisbane to us is Phoinex to you, and your Atlanta is our Sydney…

  3. I love underwater camera shots! What a great way to test out the quality of the underwater housing and alternatives. The trip looks like it was fabulous fun.

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