Georgia Guidestones
Georgia Guidestones

In a successful effort of procrastination from doing homework/laundry/cleaning – we took a mini roadtrip yesterday and drove to the Georgia Guidestones (a.k.a. American Stonehenge – but really only because we don’t have any other gigantic standing slabs of granite with a fair amount of mystery attached to them.)

It’s actually a pretty easy drive from Atlanta – just up I-85, make a left at exit 173, take 77 until the town of Hartlett, make a right to stay on 77, and then make a left at Guidestones Rd. After two hours you’ll be there. Driving up to the site, it’s kind of surprising because you turn off the main road, drive for about a second on dirt, and then it’s there on your right (you can see the drive up in the video.)

They’re just… there.

That upside down star in the circle in the photo is an act of vandalism and not a part of the original design. There’s actually quite a bit of the stuff, written all over the granite. At least they cleaned up the red spray paint – and now it’s just a big spill of resin on one side, and then various marker writings – mostly from religious folk quoting the bible or writing some other Christians at War nonsense. The other half of the vandalism are from people against the ‘New World Order.’ – See this Wired Magazine Article.

Georgia Guidestones (American Stonehenge) from on Vimeo.

This video is around 3 minutes – we probably spent a total of 15 minutes at the site. It’s not an ‘energy center’ and the site doesn’t really have any meaning – so once you’ve seen the big slabs of granite, there isn’t any reason to stick around. They’re cool enough – but if it wasn’t for the fact that we LOVE road trips (even ones to the middle of nowhere) – it would’ve been a waste of time.

We checked out the town of Elberton (where the stones are) – and it was dead, and then so was Hartwell (the town just before Elberton). It was Sunday so we couldn’t even find a country bbq shack that was open out there.

The video taken while at the site was with my Zi6 attached to the hot shoe attachment on top of my Nikon D40 – so I was just recording while I was taking photos which is why it moves around like that.

Resin thrown on one of the stones
resin thrown on one of the stones

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11 Replies to “Georgia Guidestones (American Stonehenge)

  1. Random, indeed! Here I am sitting in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and I see these stones. Then I realize they are about 15 miles from my hometown of Hartwell, Georgia. What a shock to realize I never knew they were there. Definitely a road trip for the next time I am there. Thanks, Leah and Mark for showing me part of my home area!

    • Yeah. They are amazingly… just off the side of the road – no fanfare at all, not even a sign saying 'turn here' and you can easily miss them when you drive by. Hello up there in Canadia!

  2. Well, Debbie and I got cold chills when visitiing there yesterday (30 September 2009). It was our third year anniversary and we just wanted to do something totally off the wall. We had heard of this thru some motorcycle friends 2 weeks ago. We rode our Goldwing up there and was not very impressed…….until we started reading the inscriptions on the stones…..75 degrees, bright sun, no wind, me and Deb with our motorcycle gear on, and we both got chills !!! Then, out of nowhere a truck pull up and two men jump out and began talking and looking at pictures and pointing. I was taken aback when I saw one with a gun on his hip. I asked some questions and he said he was the sheriff of Elbert County and began telling me things that really made me shiver. The other gentleman was a secret service rep who just came there to verify the grafity and intimemated that there was a plot to kill president Obama and that this "New World Order" monument was directly involved. Whew! We left.

    • I must say… it is interesting that the Secret Service agent hinted at that plot to kill the President to a random person. Your experience does sound totally believable. 😉 Thank you.

  3. YOu people need to stop thinking ohh, road trip when i’m out there to check these things out!

    You NEED to understand the message, not how “cool” they seem to be. It’s not an exhibit, its a message! one we as humans should pay attention too!

  4. Can’t figure out anybody who says they like these guidelines. Maybe R.C. has an inside line with the super Elite–know’s that he is one of the 500 million that are not up for elimination–a friend of Ted Turner?
    Nobody should LOL at this garbage. 2012 is just around the cornor, and that is their target date. Keep an eye R.C. and his “elk”.

  5. ok…so there r these 250,000 tons of granite stones (!) in Edgerton Georgia that perpertedly instruct us on how to live after civil war has broken out and over. These r supposedly the new rules. Yoko liked them. so? A friend has informed me and he just saw the newest re-education camp being built by our military in Houlton Maine. It is capable of housing 150,000 civilians who need to be 'washed', as they r the most useless of the 'useful idiots' and the cream of the crop of the 'dirty masses' that the elite so abhor. If only 500 million peeps r allowed to stay on earth (that means in a room of 13 peeps, 12 will be…well…evaporated, somehow) do u even want to b one of them? This may seem crazy but I am not surprised at all. Look at the way our CONSTITUTION is being torn down day by day in DC. As for the 'camps'…well I am just going to have to check em out meself. What do u think and was I the only one left who knew nothing about this?

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