Gearing Up

With the photobook out of the way, it’s time to start working on our DVD. 🙂 Well, it’s kind of like a supplement for our photobook – especially for our family, since they don’t read our blog as often as we do (’cause ya know, we’re our own biggest fans here) and while it’s nice to get ‘stuff’ – our parents and other family people can appreciate getting to know us more. (Well, hopefully.)

So Yeah. Besides, who doesn’t like a DVD of music videos?

After today, there are 19 days between here and next year. Without looking back yet and reviewing everything – 2008 has REALLY ROCKED for the two of us and 2007 pales in comparison. But of course, there are still 19 days left after today and with so much left to do, we still have an opportunity to go all out and be even more awesome – and we will.

It’s Friday!

I’m really excited about anything that can happen next year in 2009.

We’re almost out of ‘Friend Cards’ so we’ll need to get new/more of those printed – and then maybe some postcards! Because it’s nice to get regular old mail sometimes – and although I was writing people full-on letters on nice/expensive stationary for a while, I’ve fallen out of that. But it’d be cool to just throw out some postcards to people every now and then – ha, and giving into my/our love of all things Us – I think my grandma would like it.

And apparently with the ability to have a different photo for each postcard in a set (printed by we would never have to send the same card twice before we ran out and had to order a new set. Granted, it’s $20 for a pack of 20, but that’s still only $1 per postcard AND we get to stick our super awesome adventures on them.

Seriously. It’s Friday and we’re going to a birthday party tonight. 🙂

For now, in case you’re not in the know and haven’t heard of Girl Talk yet – here’s one from him.