Welcome to the World

Welcome, little Ziya. You were born on the afternoon of December 5, and being there to greet you as you made your grand appearance was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. Your mother is a warrior woman – she danced, bounced, and breathed her way through 11.5 hours of labor without any pain medication, and she gave birth to you a lot faster than the nurses or midwife expected her to! Your father was there with her every step of the way and they are so thrilled that you are finally here out in the world with all of us.

Your name means Splendor, Light, Glow, and you are indeed a glowing light. You are beautiful, with the softest dark brown hair I’ve ever felt, and a cute little nose that scrunches up when you are curious or hungry. More than anything, you are very, very loved by so many people. We’ll have lots of adventures in the years to come, so get some rest, drink some milk, and let your sweet light shine.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the World

  1. that hand makes me cry a little every time. feel blessed to know you guys. i’m proud of y’all.

  2. so…obviously anna didn’t make the above comment. that was me. trying to figure out this crazy world of leahandmark.com. jeezy

  3. Haha, yeah it leaves Anna logged in …. I’ve done that, too. This website has a thing for Anna. Artificial Intelligence, I swear! Man, I just can’t get enough of Ziya!! I loooooooove her!!

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