School Daze

So I had an awesome birthday.  Aside from the scary clown cake that greeted me at 6:00 Tuesday morning.  (See, I’ve gotten Mark a birthday cake every year on his birthday.  He’s never gotten me one.  So I finally mentioned that to him, and this year I got 3 birthday cakes.  Woops.  Be careful what […]

Birthday 30 x 2

Birthday 30 X 2 from on Vimeo. As you can see – for some reason, I work really hard at making the absolute best home videos! This was my joint birthday party with our friend Sean – presented by Leah and Arianna. What was REALLY great about the party is that many people that […]

Teaser Post: Zoolander Party

So – because lately we’ve slacked on the posting, but then also because it’s mostly due to the fact that we just haven’t had as much time to take photos, edit video and junk like that, I’m gonna do this quick post and get stuff up here! (because come on, the ‘content’ as far as writing isn’t always pulitzer […]