I’m back in Atlanta after a whirlwind trip to Phoenix, which for the most part was great. It was wonderful to reconnect with so many of my Phoenix friends, even though I still didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to! But lots of excitement indeed at seeing Brandy’s new house, feeling Skye’s first contractions, seeing the new and improved HomeBase (where I used to work), and marveling at Melanie’s adorable, entertaining genius of a daughter. Oh! And dinner and Wii with Mark’s familia was awesome. Great food, thanks to Myra and Mark’s mom. Ryan is a rockstar at the Wii games. And Mark’s BFF Amy always cracks me up. I love all y’all!! Can’t wait to see you in December, this time with Mark in tow.

I had the video camera, not the digital one, so you’ll have to wait for a Video Spectacular later!

Last night we went to a party! Cuz we are fancy party people. That pic up there is the view of the city from our new friends’, Ramit and Madhura’s, balcony. Pretty cool, huh? It was a little scary at first, but then we got used to it. Well, sort of. Mark didn’t really get totally used to being up on the 28th Floor…

Wheee. We’re high in the sky. We got to spy on all the pretentious folks at the W strutting around and trying to feel cool. Oh, if you were at the W Midtown last night, that doesn’t apply to you. Just everyone else.

It was a fun night. Lots of good food, too! Homemade hummus, delicious Indian nibbles that made me miss wandering around Delhi and Varanasi, and lots of nice new people to converse with. I even found another White American Person that can speak Chinese! Really well! We like how people think we’re all cool for speaking Chinese when in actuality it’s a way easier language than French or Spanish. Hah. But go ahead and think we’re totally awesome. We don’t mind.

Alright- time to get ready for a day at the lake. Ciao!

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