This weekend was tiring in the best of ways. Let’s do a basic list/rundown. Friday evening we made our way over to the Castleberry Hill district for part of the ArtWalk – Leah’s nonprofit that she works for was having a gallery showing (the kids work with some local artists and make some pieces – which they eventually auction off) and so that’s what we did that night – like old people, we took a nap right when we got home so we could wake up and make it to the event.

Actually, we came home late Thursday evening after the wedding um, convention? show? exhibition? what do you call those things? (This was a nicer one held by the Weddings Atlanta magazine – and cost $10 per person – but we grabbed several free bags and other junk and technically, made our money back in um, promotional junk – and I’m sure half of it we’ll throw out, the other half, we’ll use.) SO. We got home late Thursday evening and noticed that Three-Four kept going to the litter box – over and over again – and then after check the box – he wasn’t actually going. After a little longer and after noticing some blood coming out of him – Leah and I rushed him down to animal hospital in Decatur for the checkup. Basically – nothing too bad, and most likely a UTI – so that was good.

We’ve been fortunate that we haven’t had a problem with either of the cats – ever – healthwise. This is the first time we’ve ever really had to do anything like this – and it looks like the medicine has been working and Three-Four’s been doing a lot better.

Now. Since they’re house cats and we honestly don’t really have a reason to take them to the Vet – we haven’t experienced anything like what we experienced over the past few days. Essentially – when Three-Four came back home, his scent was completely different and One-Two (his brother) didn’t recognize him at all – and started hissing and growling and attacking Three-Four. Freaked us out since we’ve never had to deal with this.

We separated them that night and it still carried over to the morning. Now, while some of you pet owners out there might be used to this – we aren’t and it was more than bothering us and we felt really bad for Three-Four. I mean, he’s kind of hurt/healing AND he has to deal with his brother attacking him. AND we could tell that it was kind of making him feel bad ’cause he’d continually try to go up to One-Two (when we would try to see if it was still going on) and kind of say hi – but One-Two would again hiss/growl/attack.

Fortunately, Leah bought some scent wipes, and then some pheromones that actually DID help. Immediately it calmed down One-Two and then the wipes helped One-Two deal with taking the ‘Vet’ scent off of Three-Four (she wiped both of them down.) They were still tense over this weekend, but it’s slowly been getting better. They’ve even done their usual cuddling/sleeping wrapped up thing – but we watch any playfighting for signs that it’s turning into real fighting – like it did earlier this weekend.

Saturday hit us like Awesome. Breakfast at Carroll Street Cafe in Cabbagetown:

Honestly some of my favorite shrimp & grits in all of Atlanta – they have a spicy grilled flavor.

Leah and I went to OutBack Bikes in L5P to have a kickstand installed on her bike – and on the way back we stopped by the WFRG 89.3 radio station block party. We arrived a little early but we were there for some african rhythm drumming and some rather good spoken word poetry.

THEN we decided to go for a run. Well, I decided to run while Leah rode her bike alonside me. Now. It has been REALLY Humid all weekend. Impressively humid – in the same way I would want it to be 120 degrees outside in Phoenix, AZ. when people would visit there, this weekend was equally as humid as I would want for any visitor to the deep south and to um, show off the hot humid summers here. Anyways. I ran 4 miles and Leah biked alonside. Needless to say – by the time I got back I looked as if I had stood under a shower.

And then here’s where things made an unexpected turn. Instead of taking the hard earned Saturday afternoon nap, after messaging with people on Twitter – we decided to make our way down to the Cypress Pint & Plate Pig Roast – and meet up with our Twelp friends! We had originally planned on just stopping by and maybe having a drink or two. Almost 4 hours later it was definitely more than 1 drink and closer to 5 or 6 – they had these $2 vodka drinks which were kind of good in a drinking cheap dimetapp medicine sort of way.

That was a good time.

Those are tickets that Lauren won – for the Poison concert. Yes. Poison.

AND STILL. The Saturday was not over. We had to leave Cypress to go over to our friend Jolene’s house and make an appearance at her party.

At this party we met an awesome couple from India – Madhura & Ramit. Oh yes. Leah worked her All-Things-International-But-Especially-Asian/India Charm and now hangout time with these two awesome people is imminent. PLUS. We HAVE to make friends with people from everywhere – how else can we take over the world?

If you must know – while we both drank healthy amounts at Cypress, I slowed down long enough to drive while Leah drank to the end, and then when we got to this party, Leah stopped and I started back up. Still. Guitar Hero ensued and new friends were made. What more could you ask for from any party? Oh yeah, Leah also impressed people with her cork trickery.

And since THIS POST marks the new record for LONGEST POST EVER (screen length-wise) – I’ll end it soon. And even though all this fun was had at the price of some missed assignment points for school, and a VERY tired and sleepy Sunday – it was much more beneficial than that nap we had originally planned on taking last Saturday afternoon. And just think. This doesn’t even cover the Feeble Flobbler Flapjack Fiesta that we went t this Sunday morning – but I guess I’ll cover that tomorrow + everything else.


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  1. Aw, I hope Three-Four gets better soooon! We tend to have the opposite problem when we take Agnes to the vet. Molly wants to love on her the second she gets home, and all Agnes wants to do is hiss, swipe and hide under the bed.

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