These are shots we took when we visited our friend Anna (of Anna & Chris!) back before we went to Summerfest – I never got around to posting these shots ’cause um, well it happens often and we keep doing things and then those get pushed to the front and shots from days like this get pushed to our filler days or when we simply just haven’t had the time to edit/upload the new photos (like ones from last night’s art show @ Dresscodes.) But still! It’s Friday! Seriously. Seriously, thank goodness it’s… well, close to the weekend.

I didn’t really get nearly as much as I had hoped last night, what with the thing and then also having to go over to the house sitting place and turn on the lights, try to convince the cat to come inside and feed her – which we didn’t do since there was another cat in the yard and so the rightful cat decided to fight/scare off that other cat away – since y’know, it was encroaching on her property. But we left food on the back porch (as instructed) and I checked it this morning – all gone so she probably ate it.

This whole letting your cat outside for the day or night is crazy to me – simply because I’ve never let One-Two or Three-Four out and about. Never. Which is good and bad for reasons I’m unaware of, but at this point, they’re not going out there – even if they think they want to – and the few times they have escaped for a second – they freeze once they’re outside and run back inside anyways.

Photo Removed

This shot and the 1st one up above are my imitations of Jan Vermeer paintings and his window lighting.

I’ve been going to the same spot for coffee in the mornings – Bagel Boys Cafe – near work and recently, they’ve started giving me the whole ‘regular customer’ treatment – which isn’t hard since I usually only get a large coffee, and rarely get a sandwich (they’re good there by the way) – but yeah, I forgot how nice it is to be a ‘regular’ somewhere and have the staff actually remember you. Even if they don’t know your name (even if they did, they’d probably only remember my drink anyways – you know, that’s just how it is when you serve coffee or drinks all day) but still, I’m apparently sucker for any amount of recognition. It also helps that they have really good flavored coffee (I’m over being a coffee purists and wanting to only taste the natural flavors of coffee.) They have this chocolate macadamia nut flavored blend… and then a good vanilla hazelnut one… just add half & half and I’m good – I don’t even need to add my usual 2 cups of fake sugar.

Okay. I just got the hang of Twitter – but now I’m lost on how useful/accessible plurk is going to be – of course, that could just be me since um, it took me until yesterday to upgrade the WordPress version around here – and it was only a matter of two clicks since we use Bluehost.

Enough rambling, let’s get to the end of the work day already!

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  1. Bagel Boys is super super close to our house, so when Gabriel was younger our Saturday ritual was to hit up Bagel Boys for, obviously, a bagel, but I’d also hit up Starbucks for some joe. Since Einstein’s opened up on Windward we usually end up there now… I just like their bagels better, but I agree that it’s nice to be a regular somewhere. (We’re regulars at J. Christopher’s on Windward 🙂 )

    As for Twitter, it’s *way* better than Plurk… so add me already! (


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