So. We’re house sitting this big house. Last Sunday we had Rick & Amanda W., some of our yelp friends, over for dinner and Wii games! Rick cooked up some great, grilled stuffed bell peppers and then also ummmm… another great salad grilled-ish type dish. Both excellent!

Cookies were made.

And then we all played Wii sports! Bowling! Baseball! and Boxing! But first… it feels like it’s been a really busy couple of days. It’s only Monday night and I’m already tired and there’s still four more busy days in the week to go. Hopefully we’ll relax this weekend though – at least a little. I think we’re staying in on Friday night, and then a hike late Saturday morning, then hanging out with some friends and winning at Taboo. (’cause we f’in rock that game!) So there’s definitely time forafternoon naps in there – and a little packing and cleaning (yeah right!)

We’re at the big house tonight so these photos were edited using the Flickr editor… which isn’t the same quality as an actual program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop… but I guess it’ll have to do for now. Oh yeah, we haven’t posted a video in a long time, but we don’t do Vlogs (what would we say?) and we haven’t really done anything action packed… but now you can watch us boxing… on the Wii.

See you tomorrow!

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