Decatur Arts Festival

Yesterday mid-day we made our way around the corner and checked out the Decatur Arts Festival – it was pretty cool, lots of booths with artists hawking their stuff and pieces – Leah actually bought one from Kuei Dorman – a Taiwanese artist based in Orlando, and she primarily does Chinese brush painting on silk and rice paper. Leah purchased a nice sunny & rainbow view of a cottage on a mountain – and gave it to our Reiki masters Cyndie & Ira later when we met up with them for dinner @ Frank Ma’s.

And then you know we’re a bit of total suckers for food sold from a booth or cart, or stand, or fire on the side of the street. Fried stuffs? Check. We never did get the fried alligator – but we did order some fried eggplant which was pretty good.

And so… disregarding that this post pushes the length of this front blog page way beyond normal lengths, later that evening we met up with our friends and Reiki masters for dinner @ Frank Ma’s. Such good food. It’s always awesome when we go there.

Chives Stuffed Pancake

Three Cup Chicken – a traditional Taiwanese dish, the 3 cups refers to using one cup each of sesame oil, rice wine, and soy sauce.

Chicken in Peking Sauce – THIS was really good and if you ever go there, and you have no idea what to order, this is a nice safe choice and still lets you eat something not often found at suburban chinese restaurants serving a limited menu of General Tso’s chicken.

SO as I break out into song here at the kitchen table while RENT plays in the background, have an awesome day, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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