I’ve been very fortunate these past few years. Things have just been speeding up faster and faster – and in the best kind of ways. There is so much to do these next few years and after that. While I can’t see far into the future – even the close future is jam packed with life. Whereas previously, I generally had no idea real concept about what was going to happen next or even what direction I was going in. But now, I have the major milestones planned – and even then everything’s always open up to the next big thing to side swipe us and blow us completely away. Such life altering events aren’t something to fear or worry about – life altering events come at you with a ferocity and power that you generally should not fight – but instead embrace and use as the stimulus to go. GO.

Granted there are things to be said about your own personal will and power, but I think more often than not, we’re too stubborn to just see where it all takes us – but we’ll complain about our present situation the entire time without figuring out how to go live. And so I’ll stop while I’m on this kick and find something to do. However, in the mean time, just one more video/slideshow okay? This one I got turned into an actual video so it plays a little different. But it’s older photos, mostly from Phoenix, and the earliest photos are from around the time I met Leah and all of her nonprofit friends.

Leah is flying to Baltimore tomorrow morning so that leaves me here in Atlanta this weekend to do homework, hangout with ummm, Yelp people, and then she comes back Saturday evening – just in time for our busy Sunday. See you tomorrow.