So. A while back – as in like over a year ago, I signed up on – and could only muster a short list of about 11 things. It’s grown to 23things now – and I’ve even completed a few of the ‘goals’ that I put down. However, getting up to 43things and making it not a list of stuff like, read more, watch less, etc. is getting to be difficult. I mean. For me 23things is a lot. Especially when they’re sort of measurable goals. But I think I’ll put camping down. I want to go camping again sometime before winter – we attempted last year, but that was… not as successful as we would have hoped.

Basically, we arrived up there in Northern Georgia on a Friday afternoon and all of the spaces were taken up – half of them were taken by people who actually LIVE up there anyways. So that sucks. Instead of driving home though, we asked a large group if we could just take up residence for the night just off their own ‘official’ campsite. (and yes, we drove to several campsites and trust me, they were ALL full) So we had a good first night… and only night because the next morning the park ranger came by and told us to get out of there – but in a nice way so it’s not like we were all offended. However, it still sucked to have to leave after only one night when we were planning on two. These photos are from a camping trip Leah and I took in Sedona, Arizona. It was quite awesome and beautiful and we had a really great time. She even learned to skip rocks!

So. Put Camping down on the list. Along with…some others in there for fun.

  1. Graduate with my Finance Degree
  2. Run a half marathon
  3. Learn to play guitar
  4. Lose 20 lbs
  5. Take up Capoeira
  6. Complete a Triathlon
  7. Watch Six Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns
  8. Learn Mandarin Chinese
  9. Really learn photography
  10. Make a short film and enter it into contests/festivals
  11. Learn to sing (again)
  12. Go to Nepal
  13. Go to India
  14. Go to Thailand
  15. Take a picture everyday for a year
  16. Practice Yoga for at least 30 days straight
  17. Go vegetarian for 6 months
  18. Quit Drinking Coffee – (hmmmm… maybe I should be realistic)
  19. Hang out with my cats more (Shut up! My cats are COOL.)
  20. Go to the Phillipines with my mom (where we’re from and haven’t been since we left.)
  21. Go to Turkey!
  22. Be more friendly
  23. Inspire SOMEONE

I suppose we should make a list of things together… BUT. The titles of these books in the photos should definitely be on the list. 🙂

Oh yes. And Taking Over The World!

3 Replies to “43 Things & Our List is Growing

  1. chris can help you with the guitar and i can help you with the photography.
    we’ll have to fight for world domination, though…

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