We stayed at The Giggling Tree Hostel in the very small village of Aishanmen – about 3 km outside of Yangshuo.

It was nestled deep in the Karst mountains and away from the busy streets – in fact you have to drive on a bumpy dirt road for a while to get there. But it’s worth it, and there is no way I would stay anywhere else when visiting Yangshuo. Except they don’t really have internet there.

The owner has a laptop that he sets up for a few hours as a time – and it’s dial up. So yeah. But if you don’t need the internet – it’s a great getaway.

I wandered a few times and went through the nearby villages, usually I ran into some kids who would walk with me for a little bit.

Again, the Giggling Tree Hostel was great – but the town of Yangshuo I can do without.