We are leaving Beijing today – and coming back at the end of the month. It will be nice because we’re staying at the same hostel when we get back – and the staff is kind of like extended family almost. Just very friendly, helpful, casual, and always up for conversation – language barrier be damned!

We’ve had a great time here, meeting both new people and friends. The Friend Cards we created are a great idea and have really come in handy – plus, everyone really likes them.

Beijing has been everything I could have imagined and obviously so much more since we didn’t just stay in our own area, and we didn’t simply see the normal tourist spots. We walked down every dark alley (hutong) we could find, and ate at every street stand or street grill we felt like eating at.

This is the city – it’s been great but we’re heading out for the countryside now – a region known as the Dragons BackBone – Longsheng, where the rice terraces are.

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