How You Manifest Anything, with Your Brain

Look up any instructional guide or tip sheet on how to manifest things – and you’ll find a to do list made up of items that come down to ‘believing it will happen’. Do this, do that, believe it will come to you/happen/be created. Of course they break it down and dress it up in […]


No really, why are salads good for you?

I wrote a whole cookbook and didn’t include a single salad. It’s not the idea of eating lots of vegetables – it’s the idea of eating leaves. I’ve just never been a big leaf eater. I mean come on – leaves? Fruits and vegetables are part of the plant, but leaves are like… THE PLANT […]


What is this LeahAndMark Business Network?

We’ve had two of these meetups and I’m still trying to figure out what exactly it is that we’re doing. Although admittedly I’m not trying too hard. I mean – this thing only has four more meetings and then it’s over. When the core group decided to do this (Laura, Sarah, Natalie, and Leah) – […]


Like, How DO You Farmers Market?

Farmers markets used to confuse me. I always wondered whaaaaaat am I’m supposed to be doing there? Just buying little bits of things? Jams and crops and hand made goods? Like a crafts fair with foods. Right? Hand made granola and soaps and teas.  Stuff I CAN BUY AT A NORMAL GROCERY. Items I can […]


Why walking is better than running

Walking is superior to running and it all comes down to one simple reason. You hate running. If you didn’t hate running then you wouldn’t be checking to see which one was actually better. You would already be out there, huffing and puffing and running. Instead you find yourself here, trying to justify why walking […]