I have been fortunate to have photographed not one, but two Navajo wedding ceremonies. Of course I feel honored that they would not only have me at their wedding, but that they would also hired me to photograph the ceremonies. It’s kind of a big deal – especially since I’m not Navajo. At least I feel like it’s a big deal. Plus both of the weddings took place out on the Navajo reservation in Northern Arizona. Even though I now live in Atlanta, Georgia – getting back to Phoenix, Arizona for work is always, always a welcome nice thing to get to do.

Of course – most weddings – no matter the religion or no religion – are essentially the same thing. A ceremony where persons promise each other to be together for… relatively forever. And they say nice things and such. And then everyone cheers and is happy for the couple. Right? Right. 

Navajo Wedding

Fortunately, as an Atlanta wedding photographer, I’ve been able to photograph many, many different kinds of wedding ceremonies here in Georgia. I know you don’t think of Georgia being very diverse right off the top of your head – and it isn’t – but ATLANTA is very diverse. And somehow, I’ve been able to be hired by many different clients with many different backgrounds. So while I’ve definitely had to photograph my fair share of church/barn weddings – I’ve also been able to photograph wedding in some of the most interesting locations in the state.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Of course – any Atlanta wedding photographer will also tell you that it’s great to be able to leave the state and photograph weddings in far flung destinations. With that – one of your biggest skills needed is simply being able to sort of roll with the punches – and handle whatever comes at you. Because when you’re out of state, photographing in a location you’ve never seen before – you have to be very good at working with what you’ve got. Whatever that may be. Weddings are dynamic things and even with the day’s itinerary and plan – many things will go right, and many things will go wrong. That’s just how it goes on a wedding day. And the wedding photographer has to be able to handle alllll of it. Well – at least handle most of it. At least when it comes to the photography. I know you know what I mean!

Because that’s why a couple hires a professional wedding photographer. Whether you’re an Atlanta wedding photographer or you’re based in some other town across the country (or from another country) – it’s your job to be the professional and to make photos that don’t look like ones that the guests could have made for themselves. That’s why you’re getting paid. 

Photographing weddings is… one of my favorite things to do in this world. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a wedding photographer, or because I’m trying to get business. Before I started photographing weddings – I’d only attended maybe 3 weddings in my entire life. After that – well – I’m at about 500 weddings over the past 10 years. And counting. Still. Atlanta wedding photographers like me are always grateful for the work.