Since the Internship | Alumni Intern Whitney

Apply for Season [Gold Lion] of our Photography Internship Here. – Posted by Alumni Intern Whitney Hey everyone! Remember me? I’m sure you’ve all been dying to know what I’ve been up to since my internship (Season 4!), so I’m going to tell you! I’ve done a lot of traveling, 4 countries and what seems like […]

Going Home | +Jo

::Photo and text by +Jo:: I’ve mentioned before I only go home once a year. It also says on my bio page that my parents are two of my closest friends. So why do I travel to Arkansas one time out of the 365 days of a year?         The habit started […]



  Well, flights have been booked and plans are being finalized.  I am looking to travel 22,000 miles in 22 days this holiday season.  I love to travel, and am very excited, and also very nervous about the journey ahead of me. Travels plans include large chunks of the United States, and culminate in a […]