So. I’ll be honest with you. One of my original ideas was that I was going to purchase a digital camcorder and video everything while we’re traveling. But then funds got in the way – or rather a lack of funds. Since I had to buy four new tires for my car and then a host of other surprise costs started creeping in. SO the camcorder idea was out – especially since I wanted to make sure that I had a decent digital camera to take photos.

One of my own, and not Leah’s since her’s is the more girl-version (which means I’d have to actually be careful with it – and we know I can’t do that.) so I bought my own. It’s a Canon Powershot A570IS – and it’s a big upgrade from my last one which was a Powershot A50, a 1.3 megapixel brick – literally. It took four AA batteries.

So what I did was stick my camera in one of the slot straps in my backpack and then I walked around filming. I just have to straighten everything so it aligns right and just start recording. The only issue is the nerd factor of how it looks. It actually looks pretty nerdy. If I’m in the mood later, I’ll put it on a take a picture just to show you.

I’d show you some video but well… our house is too messy and I don’t want y’all to see that! (and neither does Leah.)

But at least I’ll be able to take video shots while we’re over there. Plus, as long as I have enough storage room (portable USB drive) it shouldn’t be a problem since I have an 8Gig SD card in my digital camera. So that should last me a good amount of filming throughout the day until I get to wherever we’re staying for the night so I can plug in, and transfer the files… and if there’s time, convert them to FLV files and upload to YouTube! Score.

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Handsfree Camera

Here’s the picture of me wearing my new NorthFace pants, REI shirt, and the handsfree camera! ha (hey, the best stuff is the gear!)

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