Wednesday by Leah | Giving Birth Thoughts

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– Posted by Leah First, go read +Jo’s blog post about the birth she photographed last week. And grab some tissues. Then come back here! Back?  Ok. How awesome was that?  I am a birth story junkie… and Jo is a great writer and photographer. Woohoo! Now I’m going to talk more about my own birth.Read more

BabyRoX is Born | by Mark

– Posted by Mark (Read Leah’s Version of BabyRoX’s Birth, Here.) First – it’s F*cking AMAZING that I now have a son. Mind blowing. Second – I’m so glad that Leah wanted a home birth. Partly because I don’t really like hospitals and then also because the home birth WAS AMAZING. Seriously. I had greatRead more

Wednesday by Leah: Jonah’s Birthday!

– Posted by Leah (Read Mark’s Version of BabyRoX’s birth, Here.) So last Wednesday, as some astute readers have surmised…there was no Wednesday by Leah post because Leah was in LaborLand! But I hope today’s post will make up for that missing one… Wow, I’m not sure I can come up with the words toRead more