The Truth About Marketing to Wedding Clients

It feels like we’re marketing all the time, everywhere, to everyone. The truth is that our marketing is only geared toward 30 specific couples. That’s 60 people total. All year. Sixty people we probably haven’t met yet. But we know who they are. Long ago we identified who we want hiring us. Thirty couples that get […]


As Creative As You Claim To Be

Many photographers are not that creative. It’s true. Consider painters – they apply paint to a blank canvas and make something. Consider writers – they collect words and gather them up to literally make something out of nothing. Consider photographers – they press buttons. Even the best and most creative ones… are pressing buttons. Whatever […]


How to Be Different | Part VIII

If you’ve been following us for a while then you know about our three principles: Be Different Do Things That Matter Show Everyone That first one – Be Different – is always tricky. It’s so simple and obvious and… dumb. Yet it’s probably the most difficult of the three items to accomplish. Be Different. Okay. […]


The Internship | Season [NINE]

– Posted by Mark We’ve come a long way since we started our photography business and really – we’ve gone even further since we began our photography internship. There are other photography internships out there, but we’re pretty sure there are none that are like ours. We’ve taken on as many as 15 interns and […]

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4 Tips | 2012 Photography Marketing Business

– Posted by Mark Hi. My name is Mark. My wife is Leah. We’re Atlanta based wedding photographers and we run the best photography internship in the country (arguably). Our photography business also requires that we travel the country rather often to photograph weddings in whatever location they’d like to us to be. California, New […]

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LeahAndMark.com Booklist

So. We have a reading list. Or rather – a suggested reading list. Kind of. If you’re new to these parts – we have Interns. Every three months we take on 6-8 new photography interns. We also hold a photography business/marketing workshop for them. See. In that workshop we tell them everything we’ve learned and […]