FIVE Reasons Why Your Wedding Will Be THE BEST EVER

We don’t really give compliments around here unless we mean it. There is a disease among wedding photographers that forces them to literally vomit these words in all of their wedding recap posts: This wedding was amazing This couple was amazing and so in love How amazing is her dress, these flowers, this blah blahRead more

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

(Want More Advice? Sign up for our free report 17 Tips on Selecting Your Wedding Photographer)   This is a subject very dear to our hearts – mostly because there are so many god awful wedding coordinators that are useless and difficult at the same time. (In the same way there are so many badRead more

Wednesday by Leah: Sleep!

– Posted by Leah If you are a sleep-deprived parent, please don’t read this blog post! Everyone else – I am happy to report that I’m getting a decent amount of sleep! Which is probably the biggest surprise of this parenting adventure for me. I didn’t expect to be getting as much sleep as IRead more