Male models vs Female models | by +Krisandra

Looking back at all my past sessions since August when I started with LeahandMark as an intern I have only photographed two male models, yes only two males. One of which was a newborn. Why is that? Is it because female models are prettier? Is it because I am a female photographer and I studied […]


Interns | Weekly Vol. One

We operate the largest Photography Internship in the country. Currently we have 11 Interns and every Friday at 9am they must post a blog entry. This is the weekly summary. Intern Heather: “The river shoot, for me, was definitely my first threshold. I had to break away from old patterns of thinking.† I had to […]


Recreational photography? | by +Luiza

So while I was planning to go to this concert, my friend says, “Oh, you should bring you came… no. Nevermind. I don’t want you to work, I want you to have fun.” And it got me thinking. I†immediately†responded with, “No no, I want to take photos. It’s not work. It’s fun for me.” And […]


My camera is my first love. | by +Luiza

Picking up a camera is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so sure of it. It started as a hobby and then before I knew it, it became such an integral part of me. It shapes many of my decisions and actions. It fuels my curiosity and pushes me to experiment and […]


Knock, Knock! | by +Krisandra

Knock, Knock! (Who’s there?) Plus one! (Plus one who?) PLUS ONE NEW ASSOCIATE PHOTOGRAPHER WITH LEAHANDMARK.COM!!† Some of you might recognize my name from Leah and Mark’s last group of interns in Season [NINE]. I am no longer intern Krisandra. I am now PLUS Krisandra. So, let me re-introduce myself. All the horror stories you […]