On working hard. | by +Luiza

Iím tired. Really really really tired. I work 40+ hours a week at my day job (or rather, night job), making movies play at a theater. Which is AWESOME. And then I work 40+ hours a week being a photographer, which is even more AWESOME. Whether Iím shooting, editing, marketing, planning, etc., I stay pretty […]


Male models vs Female models | by +Krisandra

Looking back at all my past sessions since August when I started with LeahandMark as an intern I have only photographed two male models, yes only two males. One of which was a newborn. Why is that? Is it because female models are prettier? Is it because I am a female photographer and I studied […]


Interns | Weekly Vol. One

We operate the largest Photography Internship in the country. Currently we have 11 Interns and every Friday at 9am they must post a blog entry. This is the weekly summary. Intern Heather: “The river shoot, for me, was definitely my first threshold. I had to break away from old patterns of thinking.† I had to […]


Recreational photography? | by +Luiza

So while I was planning to go to this concert, my friend says, “Oh, you should bring you came… no. Nevermind. I don’t want you to work, I want you to have fun.” And it got me thinking. I†immediately†responded with, “No no, I want to take photos. It’s not work. It’s fun for me.” And […]


My camera is my first love. | by +Luiza

Picking up a camera is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so sure of it. It started as a hobby and then before I knew it, it became such an integral part of me. It shapes many of my decisions and actions. It fuels my curiosity and pushes me to experiment and […]