Falling down | by +Krisandra

So, what happens when the words don’t come? I sit in front of my laptop and get distracted by anything and everything because I can’t come up with something interesting to say. Something that makes you ponder. Something that makes you say, “wow, yea, I get that!” I have youtubed the Gang Related soundtrack and […]


do SOMEthing | by +elaine

I’m just coming off an amazing weekend. life affirming. life altering. fun, exhausting, exhilarating. if any of you have been paying attention, I’ve had the privilege of photographing Girls Rock Camp Atlanta and Ladies Rock Camp Atlanta. it’s inspiring to watch and be a part of all that energy. but let me tell you, it’s […]


Moving Right Along | Goodbye from +Krista

Today, I’m posting on LeahAndMark.com for the last time. I have a story for you. I moved out on my own two days after my 18th birthday. Two! DAYS! Now that I’m actually a grown-up (because let’s face it: when you’re 18, you’re not a grown-up), I can say with complete and utter certainty, that […]


Adrienne + James | by +Luiza

Let me tell you a secret. I’m kind of shy. Ok, really shy. Like, I might have a panic attack next time I have to speak to a crowd (and two people count as a crowd).Okay, maybe it’s not that bad. But still. I keep to myself a lot. Even though I love meeting people […]


Follow the leader | by +Krisandra

For the past two Sundays I led a Children’s Portraiture workshop at Piedmont Park for the current interns, my first workshop ever. When trying to come up with a workshop to lead the interns in I came to realize just how many children I have photographed in the last couple years. Who would have thought […]


Boudoir 101 | by +Luiza

Boudoir is awesome. And so sexy and beautiful and amazing and empowering. And awesome. It’s something I’ve always wanted to photograph but never really had a chance to. Until now. Because my job is so awesome and my team is so awesome that we participated in a workshop with an awesome instructor and an awesome […]