Our good friend JennyMac has an a cuter-than-cute son that we photographed last fall. See?

I know. The cuteness. Oh, the cuteness. He’s even more adorable in person, especially when he busts out with The Eagles or some Springsteen. This kid has got some serious talent. And he’s ONLY THREE!

Anyways, JennyMac also has an awesome blog that has three very important blog-reading qualities: 1. It gets updated super regularly. More than LeahAndMark.com. Almost daily, in fact. 2. It runs the gamut from laugh-out-loud,splatter my coffee on my monitor hilarity to grab-the-tissues, cry into my coffee tenderness. 3. It has awesome recipes.

Ok, that third item might not be what everyone is looking for in a blog. But that’s just because you haven’t seen or tasted JennyMac’s recipes. Since I am her in-real-life friend, too, I have had the supreme pleasure of tasting her creations. So I already knew that the recipes she posted would be fantastic. I am not a great chef. I am hesitant to buy a bunch of ingredients and try a new recipe if I’m not sure it’s going to come out. Thankfully, JennyMac spells it all out for folks like me. I’ve made some super fancy and delicious things that I never thought I’d be able to make.

Anyhow, this post is not just about singing JennyMac’s praises. It’s about this really cool thing she did with one of our photos. LOOK!

It’s ART! That will hang on her wall! Courtesy of the folks at Modern Bird Studios. So, if you have awesome photos that you think would make fantastic art, hit ’em up. And if you want a discount, check out JennyMac’s blog: Let’s Have a Cocktail. Oh, and if you DON’T have amazing, art-worthy photos… well, you know who to call. Actually, email. Definitely email. Thanks.

Have yourselves a fantastic day, y’hear?

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  1. You have made my entire day. Not only because of the awesome things you wrote about MiniMac and my blog, but because you are my in-real-life friend and I am so lucky to say that. You are one in a million (well, two in a million because that includes Mark.)

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