A Kimball Hall Wedding in Roswell is a great idea – because it’s an amazing venue. We got a chance to photograph a wedding there this last Fall and WOW. Just WOW. It’s just one street over from downtown Roswell but what makes it really great – is that everything is right there at the venue. The entire upstairs is the preparations/getting ready area for the bridal party (you can have the other side get ready there as well, it just gets really tricky if you don’t want to see each other before you’re… ready to see each other.)

Bride getting ready at Kimball Hall

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The ceremony location in the backyard of Kimball Hall is stunning and accommodates up to 200+ people comfortably. You can also accommodate just as many people inside for the reception. Now – some locations don’t have a good rain plan, but on the off chance that you need to bring your ceremony indoors – the reception space where it will be held – isn’t too terrible. Especially since the room is surrounded by wall to wall windows and you don’t feel like you’re in a basement (like some reception spaces seem to feel like…)

Beautiful couple portrait session at Kimball Hall

At Kimball Hall there is also a side patio for the cocktail hour as well as a covered front porch. It’s perfect, and great, and convenient. But I haven’t covered the BEST part and the REAL reason to book your wedding at Kimball Hall. It’s Julie. Julie White Stephens is the owner/main coordinator at Kimball Hall and SHE RUNS THE SHOW. I say that in the best kind of way. She will work with you to craft the exact wedding you’re wanting to have – and she will keep things moving along at a nice pace so that it all goes down smoothly.

Kimball Hall Wedding Photos

A groom sees his bride as she walks down the aisle

Epic Backlit bridal portrait

Wedding Couple dancing in the courtyard

The beautiful courtyard at Kimball Hall in Roswell, Ga.

Kimball Hall Wedding Timeless bridal portrait at Kimball Hall

An awesome wedding guests doing cool things because she's the coolest

Getting her hair done

Kimball Hall Wedding Love Love Love Wedding Details

Kimball Hall Wedding Ring

Kimball Hall Wedding Couple

I say this and I mean it – not all coordinators or planners are created equally. Some are amazing – and some just sit there and hide never to be see again after the ceremony. Julie is there all day and then she does it again the next day for the next wedding. She’s amazing and she works hard and you should be so lucky to have her on your wedding.

Kimball Hall Wedding Photos Roswell Venue Review

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