Wedding Ceremony Planning can be easy and here’s the best way to go about doing that. Okay well – this is ONE way to plan a wedding ceremony. Even though all you really know is that you’re just trying to go from – “Hi” to “Do you wanna be married to this person” – literally – everything else in between is either fluff, or simply… an expression of how much you love the other person. 

Wedding Ceremony in the park

So – the super short version is just this:


“I Love You Forever and Ever.”

“I want to be married to you.”

You literally could say that to each other and be literally done. 

Of course – you won’t do that because dammit – your photographer (hopefully) requests that you take longer than 1.4 minutes on your ceremony. Okay? A little longer? Ha.

Wedding Ceremony Planning | A bride and her squad

Wedding Ceremony Planning:

  1. Processional (who and in what order do you want people walking to the altar/ceremony spot
  2. A greeting to your guests 
  3. Words about love in general
  4. Words about why you love the other person and your life
  5. Words from each of you, professing your love for the other person (vows)
  6. Exchanging of rings (if you want)
  7. Maybe a performance or reading by a friend/family member
  8. Other symbols/moments of unification (unity candle, knot tying, etc.)
  9. Kiss (if you want) 
  10. Walk down the aisle in TRIUMPH!

See? That’s it. I mean – that CAN be a lot – but it doesn’t have to be. What it should be (and even then I hate saying should) – is that it should be meaningful to the both of you. So. What do you want to say that would be meaningful. What do you want to happen in front of everyone, that either makes them feel included in your wedding ceremony and/or also presents the shift in your relationship from not married people, to married people.

I don’t mean that in some kind of obvious, or cliche, or cheesy way either. It’s not the major things that always make you feel ‘married’ – it’s all of the LITTLE things that you won’t really know until you are married, or have been married for a while. (I’m trying my hardest to not say “You’ll see”.)

And if you’re desperate – just look online and find a few wedding ceremonies to pull from and modify them as needed. But try not to take other people’s sacred traditions and co-opt them for yourselves toooooo blatantly, or at least not offensively okay? Of course – in the end, it’s your wedding, your ceremony – and fuck all else. What? It’s TRUE! 

Wedding Ceremony Planning | Bride & Groom Photo

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