Here’s the thing with Atlanta Wedding Photographers Under $2,000 – they may or may not be pretty awesome. Actually – that’s also the thing with wedding photographers that are over $5,000. Heck – that’s also the thing with wedding photographers under $1,000. Basically – everyone at all price points can be great or not so great. 

Atlanta Wedding Photographers Under 2000

Now – we all know that wedding planners are a special type of people (because come on, only the truly crazy would decide to plan weddings for their job) – but wedding photographers are truly a different breed of bonkers. They like people but they don’t like people – which is why they like to keep that barrier of the camera between you and them. But then they also just desperately WANT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU for 10 hours on your wedding day. Who does that? 

Wedding photographers that’s who!

But let’s talk about YOU. You may have arrived here because you were looking for a wedding photographer under $2,000. I’m writing this because I may be a wedding photographer that you can hire for under $2,000. Possibly. Maybe. Bjork. (nevermind.)

The point is – all things are possible and depending on your wedding date, depending on how nicely you ask – I might totally be like – aw F*ck yeah let’s do this. (But really you should be asking everyone nicely about many things, anyways.)

Affordable Wedding Photography Atlanta

I mean – it’s all in the asking right? Look. $2,000 is on the lower side of things for photography budgets for us – but it’s not impossible. I photograph a billion weddings a year and (not literally) – and some weddings are more, and some weddings are less. At least when it comes to our fee. Maybe you can be on the less side of the fee. Clear? No? Well – if you’ve stumbled across this blog post where I’m basically saying – YES I WILL DO YOUR WEDDING FOR UNDER $2,000 – then you’re who this blog post was written for. Other people who want to pay more than $2,000 probably won’t find this blog post. Because I’m going to BURY THIS F*CKER so deep that only the truly committed to saving money will find it. Like you.

Now – obviously you’re going to want to say that you read this blog post so that I can be like aw hellz yeah they found the blog post! YESSSSSSSSSSSssssssss

Atlanta Wedding Photographers Under 1000 (yeah no)

I mean. That’s kind of cool. Besides. Realistically – honestly – there just aren’t too many really great Atlanta wedding photographers under 2000. (don’t worry about that phrasing there, that’s just for SEO stuff). But THIS IS MY JOB. I’m a Professional Wedding Photographer and I gots bills to pay. Lots of bills to pay. So how about you and me make a deal where you pay me what you can, I make you ridiculously amazing wedding photos – and no one else needs to know any of the details. Right? Yeah! Hi-FIVE!

Boom. So. Atlanta Wedding Photographers Under $2,000 – okay that’s probably ALSO me. 

But hey while we’re at it working on the SEO terms – Atlanta Wedding Photographers Over $7,000 – that’s DEFINITELY ME TOO.

Hey. Send me a message and let’s do this thing.

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