One of the questions you’ll definitely want to ask any wedding photographer – is whether or not you can view a complete and full wedding gallery – from one of the weddings that they’ve photographed.

Sure it’s easy to get great photos every now and then – or lucky shots – or during segments or portions of a wedding day – but what about the ENTIRE DAY? How do they handle the getting ready/prep shots vs the portrait session vs the darkness of a reception?

Not all wedding photographers excel at all parts of the wedding day – some are heavily skilled at the detail shots of STUFF – other people are more focused on people – and then some photographers shoot strictly artistically and abstract. You need to make sure that you have a good feel for how they photograph WEDDINGS – and not just wedding portraits, or only detail shots.

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There IS a difference.

And if you view several full galleries – you’ll be able to see how much they repeat or shoot ‘the exact same way’ over and over again – maybe you want that, maybe you don’t. It’s all in HOW it’s done. Some people can do the same poses with different couples in different locations – and make it all look LIKE THE SAME THING. Some people make it look so very different and unique.

It’s all in how you do it. Just like anything else.

Alright – if I don’t see you on your day – have a great wedding and I’ll talk to you later.


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