One of the most important things you’ll want to consider or think about – in regards to your wedding – is what is/are your wedding photography goals?

Basically – in about 4 weeks after your wedding, when you receive your wedding photos – what will you see in the photos that will make you think wow Mark didn’t totally F*ck up our wedding photos!

That’s the baseline rule of thumb – what are you looking for that would make the wedding photos a success for you. Whether that means some ridiculously amazing portraits of the two of you – or great intimate documentary photos of moments that just happened – or ALL OF THAT AND MORE.

Share your wedding photography ideas and goals with any of your potential wedding photographers and see what they say. See if they understand what you’re describing and if they have more ideas or input on the subject. If they ask more questions or are open to talking about that with you more – that’s always a great sign. You want someone that will photograph your wedding the way your wedding needs to be photographed. Not just someone who will run their ‘wedding photography’ program and pump out their usual work.

Because honestly – your wedding is different and special. Like you.

Alright that was probably totally just generic ‘you’re a special snowflake’ copy but still – there will be moments during your wedding day that are unique to you guys and your wedding – and your photographer should be capable enough to capture those right the eye and attitude.

Alright. If I don’t see you on your day – have a great wedding and I’ll talk to you later.

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