If you want to have the most relaxed wedding day possible – you simply need to do as much planning as you can, up front. Get as much done as you can BEFORE the morning of your wedding. Not only that – if you can’t do it – make sure someone ELSE is in charge of getting it done. Whether that’s a wedding planner/coordinator – or one of your friends or whoever. SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOU.

People also shouldn’t be calling/contacting/texting you for directions or asking what time the wedding is that day. They shouldn’t be asking you questions that someone else should be answering. You shouldn’t even really be making any decisions at that point since they will have already been made – or the person you appointed is smart enough to just take care of things.

Oh – AND you need to be okay with that.

But basically – on the morning of your wedding – let it go. You did everything you could and things will happen the way they will happen. So relax.

Alright – if I don’t see you on your day – have a great wedding and I’ll talk to you later.

How to Plan, Make, Create, a Wedding Budget

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