You may hear from some people directly – or get the feeling indirectly – that your wedding is a big imposition on them. F*ck that.

Your wedding is not that.

Unless you’re asking people to do ridiculous things (and hopefully you at least have someone around you to make you aware of it – even if you choose to ignore them) – your wedding is not a hassle.

Unless you forget that the people you are inviting are people you actually, truly, want to be there – because you love them, and not because you’re just being polite – then your wedding is not an imposition.

Destination wedding? Can the people you really want attending, make it? (close/important family and close/important friends) F*ck everyone else.

Difficult date? Can the people you really want attending, make it? F*ck everyone else.

Also – in general – you’re probably inviting grown ups to your wedding. And if they are in fact grown ups, then they’re making their own decisions, for themselves. So if they decide to accept your invitation to your wedding – then they can shut up and you can feel free to not worry about them. Be considerate, but don’t worry. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel like your putting them out, or being an imposition. Your wedding isn’t a hassle and it’s not annoying. Right? RIGHT.


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