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When should you have your wedding? What season? What date? What TIME?!

When. When. What. When. What. When. Yeah.

First off – many wedding books/guides/magazines will tell you that there are in fact busy wedding seasons and peak times for getting married. That’s true. Duh. But don’t let that deter you or even force you to get married when you don’t want to get married. I say this because we photograph weddings basically all year long. Our ‘wedding season’ goes from January all the way into December. So we’re basically photographing weddings 12 months of the year. I’m not trying to brag (okay maybe a little) – but I’m also saying that people get married WHENEVER THE HELL THEY WANT.

So you can too.

What Season of the year is best to have your wedding?

Now that we’ve said that – Fall weddings are very popular and Summer weddings are just HOT (temperature-wise). You can have your wedding in the Spring and I’m sure it’ll be lovely. Winter can be cool and different. Pick one. There. See how easy that can be? Okay – really you pick the season depending on how you want your wedding to look. Sweaty? Summer or early Fall. Freezing cold with jackets? Winter or early Spring. You have a lot of options when it comes to what season – now you just have to make the time for your wedding. As in – a school break or saving up enough vacation from work (or unpaid days) so that you can actually enjoy the whole thing and not just get right back to your desk the next day.

Yes, venues and vendors all get booked and during peak times it might seem like everyone is booked – but honestly? Don’t worry – you’ll find all of the vendors you need for your wedding. There will always be an available photographer, you’ll always find some food, and you can always find somewhere to get married. Trust me – weddings happen EVERYWHERE.

What day of the week should you get married on?

Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Friday. In that order. Yeah Yeah Yeah – weekday weddings happen too – and we’ve photographed many of them. But they’re a different event. A wedding on a Tuesday is NOTHING like a wedding on a Saturday. Saturdays are more expensive when you’re considering venues – but many other vendors don’t give any discounts because of what day you’re getting married. Things with fixed costs like caterers, floral design, and cake makers charge the same rates. Photographers work just as hard on your Sunday and Friday wedding as they do on your Saturday wedding.

What time of day should your wedding take place?

Here are your choices: Brunch or Dinner… oh okay and you can have a Luncheon too.

No really – don’t have a luncheon. That’s what old ladies have when they get together after church. You are celebrating your wedding – you’re not having a luncheon. Have a brunch wedding if you must – but if you’d like to have a party – have a wedding reception that goes into the evening. Of course – that’s if you want the full on party reception affair. If you’re having a small gathering then again – do whatever the f*ck you want and have a luncheon with 20 people in a private garden. Heck – with only 20 people attending your wedding you can spend that extra money on a petting zoo! (Or Elvis.)

Ah what am I saying – your guests will have a great time at your wedding no matter what time of day.

Wait – except for a sunrise ceremony. Don’t do that to your guests. Even I’ll be mad at you. F*ck sunrise ceremonies. Those are just cruel.


All photos by LeahAndMark & Co.

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