So while I was photographing a wedding in Huntsville, Alabama last week – five members of the Intern Army were photographing the last night of the Salvador Dali exhibit at the High Museum of Art. (In case you didn’t know – we’re actually taking applications all this week for our next group of Interns.)

The team was led by Intern Laura, and included Interns Brett, Niki, Brittany & Amanda. They were contracted to be there from 10pm-2am but apparently since there were circus acts, costumes, and general craziness – they kept photographing long past the 2am stop time.

Current Interns Brittany, Brett, & Niki (note the bright orange badges that ALL LeahAndMark Interns wear while working events.)

This wasn’t the first time the Intern Army’s handled events on their own – they also tackled the Indie Craft Experience, several Yelp Events, and this proposal shoot in the Botanical Gardens wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without them. Oh yeah – AND we photographed two other events at the High Museum when the Dali exhibit opened. Yeah. I think it’s safe to say the Interns have a good time.

Hey – look – even Alumni Interns were there (up above on the left is Alumni Intern Jenna!)

Up above that’s Alumni Interns Robby & Christy!

One of the strengths and advantages of the Intern Army is that when we photograph events – we work in teams. Photography is generally a competitive solo effort – and you know what? It’s really nice to be able to work large events such as this one – and know that you’re shooting with friends. Leah and I are present for some events, but then we also send the Interns out as a team on their own – and we encourage them to team up when organizing model photo shoots for practice.  Sometimes they’re paid gigs and sometimes we’re shooting for free (Anime!) because we think it’s interesting – but these events are when we get to try out new ideas in a live action setting (without the pressure of say, a wedding day.)

And of course – different from most programs out there, we have our Photography Business Marketing Workshop.

Leah and I feel like we’re building something special with our Intern program – and if you’re interested in working with us, or know someone who might be interested – check out the Application Here.

Dali ’til Dawn Galleries are at the bottom.

Gallery One – by Intern Laura

Gallery Two – by Intern Brett

Gallery Three – by Intern Niki

Gallery Four – by Intern Amanda

Gallery Five – by Intern Brittany

High. Museum. Dali. Exhibit. Photos. Til. Dawn. Event. Party. Overnight. Midnight. Pictures. Pics.