Why are wedding photographers so expensive?! I said this multiple times while I was planning my own wedding – before I became a photographer myself. Now I know why wedding photography costs so much.

First of all, we work HARD. Just the wedding day itself is usually 8+ hours on our feet, shooting away. This doesn’t include the time we spend planning for your wedding – meeting with you, prepping our gear, continually improving our composition and editing.

Secondly, camera equipment and editing software aren’t cheap. We don’t believe you need a $2,000 camera and a $2,000 lens to make great photos. But you do need decent gear, and after time, you need to update that gear. Lenses get scratched. Camera motors run out. Flashes die. Photoshop comes out with 20 new features to make editing easier. Photography is a constant investment in order to deliver the best quality photos.

So when you see the price tag on a wedding photography package, it’s not just the 8 hours of shooting and the 300+ photographs you are buying. It’s all the work that went into honing our skills. It’s the time we spend reviewing the hundreds of images we take and selecting the best ones to deliver. It’s the money that we invested in our lights, our lenses, our computers, our back-up hard drives and memory cards.

Most importantly – you’re hiring a dependable, professional photographer with a fair amount of artistic talent and experience. Our clients hire us because they want something different from most of what they see out there.

All that said – we realize that not everyone wants 300+ photos. Not everyone wants us to follow them around all day photographing each moment. Not everyone has a wedding reception. Some people just want a few great shots of the day they get married. And you should have that. And it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

So! We are now offering a Weekday Wedding Package for couples getting married in the greater Atlanta area. If you are getting married on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and if you only want photographers for 4 hours or less – whether that is for couples portraits, the ceremony itself, a tea party/dance club afterwards, or all three – then our Weekday Wedding Package is for you.

We have two Weekday Wedding Package options:

*Additional coverage may be purchased at the rate of $250 per hour.
**Wedding must take place on either a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
***No discounts are applicable.

We like to keep things simple around here, but if you have any questions or would like to find out more information – please fill out the contact form below: