Leah’s birthday was last week and we had a party 🙂 These are screen captures taken right after we played pinata baseball.

In case it’s not obvious – Leah and I are practicing our AsianPoses and that’s our Intern Ashley there beside us. Clearly, she hasn’t been studying her AsianPoses.com. That’s okay though, it’s not for everyone.

We’re flying up to Boston this week to photograph a wedding, see some of the city, and then also driving up to Mt. Holyoke – where Leah went to undergrad. I’ve never been anywhere near New England so it’ll be fun for me – of course, it’s always fun for us since we really like traveling. That’s probably a good thing considering how much flying around we’re going to be doing in the next year.

We’re booked up and down the east coast, and we’re opening things up to the Southwest in a few weeks so that should be fun.

Along with all of the domestic travel – we’re now making plans for a trip to India & Nepal – with the initial idea to land in Mumbai, go over land to Varanasi, and then make our way over to Nepal (ha – of course, this has changed a lot over the past year).

Also – we just made another batch of loans to third world business owners through Kiva.org, for a total of 153 loans funded through proceeds from our photography services.

If you’re not our friends on Facebook already – add me. We don’t have a fan page because we don’t want fans; we want friends. We have a lot of projects in the works including more photography how-to (with point-n-shoots!) and then a project called PhotoPop! involving roughly 15 nonprofits and us as photographers. Oh – we’re bringing in the Intern Army for that one.

Talk to you soon.