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The infamous Westboro Baptist Church has been hanging around Atlanta the past 2 days. These are the folks who hold hate-filled signs at military funerals, Jewish community centers, and high schools all over the nation.

Grady High School student Becca Daniels wanted to spread a different message, so she organized a demonstration of her own, and Atlantans from all walks of life came out in droves to show their support and share messages of love and acceptance.

It was a pretty awesome sight. Including angels with 10-foot-tall wings.

The Westboro group… all 8 or so of them… left after 30 minutes, but the ATL group continued their demonstration all along 10th Street.

I am proud of my city.

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6 Replies to “ATL: Acceptance, Tolerance, Love

  1. That literally brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting the pics, Leah. I'm proud of our city, too!

  2. I'm so proud of our city, too, especially considering a High School student organized this. yay ATL!

  3. This IS a great view of Atlanta. But please, when mentioning Westboro's hate for Jews and the military and such, don't forget the LGBT community! So much hate is so very, very sad.

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