Leah and I need help. We’re fortunate that our clients not only took an initial chance on us – but that they keep coming back and referring their friends to us. It’s a great problem to have – but we’re busy. Really. Busy. So busy in fact that we’ve decided that we need help. We need an intern. TWO Interns actually.

Don’t worry – we’ll get to the requirements and qualifications in a little bit. First – you should know what’s in it for you. Because if you’re considering working with us, then you should know exactly what you’re gaining – since it’s definitely not money!

Although it’s not really popular these days – we’re ‘generalists’. We don’t specialize in anything and that goes against the current trend of finding your ‘niche’ and specializing in one or two specific types of photography. We run the gamut and we photograph everything from weddings, to parties, to corporate headshots, to family and children portraits, to senior portraits, and even product photography. Without arguing if our photography is actually any good – we can only go on the fact that our clients REALLY like us, they keep coming back, and new ones seem to keep contacting us and asking us to work with them.

We’re very busy and as our intern you will have lots of opportunities to photograph in a wide range of different styles and subject matter.

What we need is for you to have some idea of what you’d like to focus on and learn from us. Some of what we can offer is:

  • How to pose subjects, especially strangers – and become confident at it
  • How to better handle light – off camera flash and natural
  • How to stop taking photos like everyone else (it’s easier than you think)
  • Get away from ‘technically’ perfect photos
  • Photographers learn by photographing – you’ll photograph a lot with us.
  • Stop feeling restricted by the gear you DON’T have

AND MARKETING subjects – because you want to be an actual paid and working photographer right?

  • How to be truly different from EVERYONE ELSE who is a ‘Photographer’ these days
  • How to hustle and get business
  • How to keep clients and get repeat business
  • How to charge appropriatelyand be paid for your services
  • Turn ‘good exposure’ jobs into ACTUAL Good Exposure for YOU

AND Even More

  • Build the client base that you want
  • Find out if you do make photographs like everyone else – so you can stop
  • Make friends
  • Have fun
  • Try crazy ideas because no one’s going to stop you
  • Push the boundaries of what your clients think they want – and keep delivering something just a little different
  • Be hired as an artist – and not just a button pusher

That’s what we think we offer and what we think an Intern can learn from us.

Here’s what we’re asking from our Interns:

  • You own a DSLR camera
  • You have at least a rudimentary understanding of shutter speed and aperture
  • You have your own artistic ideas – even if you’re still working on them
  • You aren’t afraid to try everything
  • You don’t say ‘we can’t do that’
  • You are willing to photograph everything during your time with us – even if it’s not your style
  • You will read any materials we actually give you to read
  • You will be available for at least two (2) five hour photo shoots a month (and possibly more permitting your schedule)
  • You have a portfolio to show us – and you’re proud of your current work – no matter what
  • You are nice
  • You are stubborn
  • You want to learn
  • You can commit to working with us for 3 months (roughly)
  • Possibly accompany us on photo shoots/weddings out of town (on our tab)

If you are interested in one of our two intern positions – please send an email to Email@LeahAndMark.com with answers to the following questions and a link to your portfolio:

1. What’s your name?

2. What artists do you like/admire/study ? (do not list photographers)

3. Why do you like our photos? (It’s okay if you don’t like our photos – but it makes no sense for you to work with us if you don’t like our work – we don’t want compliments, we want reasons why you want to work with us based on our photography.)

4. This will be a lot of hands-on photography work. Do you want this internship?

5. Do you need school credit? What do we need to do/provide or sign, in order to satisfy your school requirements?

Deadline for applications is THIS Saturday – April 24th at 8pm.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you!

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    • We offer the internship every three months. We will be accepting applications for the the next group during the last week of October.

  1. When will you be accepting new interns, and when and how can I apply? I would love, love, love this opportunity! Thanks!!


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