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In case you haven’t noticed – we like playing. Our family portrait sessions are pretty action packed and we only go for the ‘formal’ type shots at the very end, when the kids (and parents) have run out of steam and can actually stand still for a moment.

When Kara hired us, she probably didn’t know what to expect – but she and her husband definitely worked as hard as we did for their photos. Their children are full of energy and after they got over their initial shyness, all they wanted to do was PLAY!

Our family portrait sessions are a little challenging because we ask a lot of both our clients, and ourselves.

Every client should look for a photographer who’s visual style matches what they envision for the photos they’d like to purchase.

Clearly – if you want a studio setting with props that have been used in everyone else’s photoshoots – you don’t hire us. Honestly, we’re looking for more than the ‘perfect’ photo, capturing a ‘timeless’ image of etc, etc, etc…

We aim to create exciting photos that have some energy, and hopefully do more than just document your child at a certain age.

As you can see, we had a really great time with Kara and her family.

Check out the Preview Set:

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