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We’ve been photographing many more babies lately – and I’ll admit – that’s great! Because Leah’s got baby fever! and like an addict it helps her um. cravings? No, that’s not the right term. But you know what I mean 🙂

Still – one of the best things about this whole photography gig is that we get to share moments in people’s lives – personal moments – and that’s what I really find interesting. Sure I like to photograph models and play with crazy light schemes – but when you strip away all of the fun gear, and you’re left with just your camera – your most important job is to just find some moments to capture.

The thing about being invited into people’s homes is that it’s tricky. We’re there to photograph them and their children – but at the same time that we’re doing everything we can to make them comfortable, we’re also trying to make them act like we’re not there. Because even when the kids are going wild and falls down, or the baby’s crying hysterically – there’s a moment where the parent is comforting the child and a kind of stillness takes over, where there really isn’t anyone else around except them. Even if it’s just for a second or two while the mother is looking into the eyes of the crying child and the child looks back, waiting for the mom to say what she says that makes it all better.

Or when a baby won’t stop crying except for when his father holds him, walking in circles around the house, over and over again.