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Our friends Zack and Rachel just had their first baby – an adorable little boy named Adam. In spite of the haze and delirium of the first few weeks of parenthood, they invited us over to meet their new addition and take all the photos our hearts desired. Pretty awesome, huh? Little did they know that by opening their home to us, they were also inviting Mark to completely rearrange their furniture and deconstruct their newly set-up nursery. My polite GRITS-ness (Girl Raised In The South, y’all) was not totally ok with this arrangement. I cringed and apologized to Rachel as we hauled the armchair and changing table out of the nursery and into the living room.

She laughed, shrugged, and said it was fine. I don’t know if that was the sleeplessness talking, or if she really meant it, but one thing I’ve learned after the past many months of photography with Mark is that when he gets a vision of the shot he wants, there is absolutely no stopping him. None at all. It is futile to try to dissuade him from his pursuit, as I discovered when he hauled our friend Addy on his back down a steep, gravelly hill to a creek bed. It’s best if I just hush up and move the furniture. So move it, I did.

And I’m glad I did. Because I’ve also learned that when Mark gets a vision of the shot he wants, he usually gets that shot, and it’s usually something pretty awesome. Plus, not only did I get to move furniture, I also got to move Baby Adam, and that means I got to hold Baby Adam and smell his precious, lovely baby-ness and touch his soft little baby skin, and Baby is a drug I am totally addicted to at the moment. So I got my fix, and Mark got his. And Adam was a jolly good sport the whole time we clicked away with our cameras and moved him from one position or piece of furniture to the next.

So, congrats Zack and Rachel! Adam is a handsome little man and we look forward to more photo shoots with your beautiful family. Maybe some outside ones, so we don’t rearrange your whole house. (Also, I hope we put your nursery back together satisfactorily! I think we might have put the changing table back in the wrong direction…)

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5 Replies to “Zack & Rachel + Adam

  1. Happy Birthday, Adam..
    Congratulations, Zack & Rachel.. Adam is going to break some hearts 🙂

    Leah & Mark, beautiful work.. Well done..

  2. I've been meaning to comment on the post and pics since you put them up They are beautiful – you guys did a great job of capturing the essence of our family- even down to the dogs.

    Leah your post cracked me up because after you guys left Zack told me that, even though he knew I wasn't, that I looked annoyed or had a blank expression on my face when y'all were moving the furniture. My response was, "really?". Anyways, I wasn't annoyed in the least… probably a bit tired of course. 🙂 But, that's just my usual passive face.

    You guys did a great job. You could have rearranged my entire house for all I care for those pictures. Thanks again and I look forward to you taking more pictures as Adam grows up.

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