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Last Saturday morning I photographed the a.m. SugarComa tour.

Organized by The Broke Socialite, SugarComa is a tour of some of Atlanta’s finest bakeries. Essentially 30 people hopping into four brand new Cadillac SRX’s and criss-crossing Atlanta to devour some awesome sugar specialties. Sadly, I was only able to shoot the a.m. tour since Leah and I were scheduled to shoot a SteamPunk Ball later that evening. Still – SugarComa was considerably awesome.

It was an interesting event in that most of the attendees were a mixture of hyphenates: PR – Marketer – Blogger – Cook – Baker – Mother – Teacher – Photographer – Stylist – Foodie – Freelancer – Writer – Author – Columnist – Editor – Etc. Seriously – the case can be made that some of the people have ALL of those descriptions on their resumes. Yeah. Not only that, but this was also a full-on Twitter event. Before, during, and after each stop the attendees would twitter various ummm… tweets? Yeah. Check the hashtag #SugarComa on Twitter and you’ll see them all.


Now with the obligatory disclaimer (this may be cheesy) – I’m honestly always impressed by full-blown-all-out-passion. Whether it’s B-boys all over the world, a deaf percussionists teaching people how to listen, or Kristen Hard of Cacao. When she describes how she ventured off into the jungles of Central America in search of cocoa beans – along with the part where it’s unheard of that a woman do this – along with the very real risk involved – it’s difficult to not be impressed if not inspired. I was also fortunate enough to be riding along with Shameeka The Broke Socialite herself, Helen of Tartelette and her friend Bina. I say fortunate because these women are very passionate about living with intention – whether you consider their careers, their art, writing, cooking, or raising their children – they go all out – and it’s always a good thing when you’re around that kind of energy.

I think it definitely helped with our portrait booth later that evening at the SteamPunk Ball.


Hey. It’s Tuesday.

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