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When I grow up, I want a studio with big north facing windows.

Molly up above and her sister Sydney were the flower girls in our wedding back in May. Leah babysits them whenever she can and sometimes I come along because they’re wild and crazy and fun and it’s always nice to see me. (ha!)

Anyways – I haven’t really seen them since the wedding and so much has happened – like the part where I starting really photographing people. They also had two friends over and in total Leah was watching four children (with the help of her college roommate Arianna who is Sydney and Molly’s aunt – got all that?)

Still. Back to the light. Last Sunday was a generally dreary and cloudy day – and then the sun broke free for a few hours late in the afternoon. Just in time for me to take a few shots while the kids were playing.


… kids are easier to photograph than adults.

Click to see the play time Gallery.

3 Replies to “Glorious Light

  1. Mark – these are amazing!! You have totally captured the fun and joy our kids bring. Light or no light – you are so very talented!

  2. Amazing. If I were a parent and had photos like these of my children, I know I'd be forever grateful. They are so beautiful. Glorious light indeed!

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