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This morning I had a photoshoot with some actor friends of mine that I met at the Saraiva MMA Fight dojo a few months ago. I really only met them once and for the briefest of moments – just enough to take a few candids. But I friended them on facebook like I do to everyone I just barely meet – and then one of them, Clarissa, took me up on a random photoshoot offer I posted on my wall to no one in particular. I am really kind of grateful that she did because it kind of added a little pressure (in that I didn’t want to suck) – and then she also referred me to nearly a dozen other people (even more pressure to not suck) – all without even having really done a photoshoot with me.


So after the first attempt which didn’t happen due to illness – we were set to try again this morning. We had initially set out to shoot in L5P but then I wanted some place more interesting so we decided on the Krog Tunnel also. My main goal with the Krog Tunnel was to not shoot at the entrance like everyone else does – and then also actually get the inside of the tunnel in the shots – and not just the graffiti’d walls. Because yeah – the walls of the tunnel are cool and they’re a nice ‘background’ – but many of the photoshoots I’ve seen down there don’t light up the tunnel the way I would. I could say as well as they should – but really, they just don’t show the tunnel. So all you usually end up seeing is someone posing at the entrance where there’s enough ambient light – might as well just take a picture, blow up a print as a background and shoot it in your studio. Still. I’m generally happy with these shots and I learned a lot from this shoot thanks to Clarissa and Brittany – of course… still lots to learn as you can see from the photos.

Oh Look. A link to the same Gallery. CLICK HERE.

Hey. So look. I made a new diffuser thing. This time it’s just from some transparent cabinet liner and then pieces of velcro. See? It just folds over and sticks onto a velcro patch that I put on the flash. Cool huh? Cheap too…

Clarissa is originally from South Africa and she invited us to a braai(bbq) being held outside of Cape Food & Beverage – just off Buford Highway. So you KNOW we weren’t going to stay away. Leah got to meet Clarissa and Brittany and then also Jason who is one of the kung fu instructors at the MMA dojo. Hey Look – Photos:

Leah’s been pretty busy with Grad school projects so she was more than happy to get out for a bit. And… hey look – we still have most of the weekend ahead of us. Awesome.

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