We’re about to get our wedding photos from our Photographer but I couldn’t wait anymore and I had to post some here. These are honestly just screen captures from the draft galleries that he let us take a look at – I’ll switch them with the hi-res pics when we get them in a day or so.

Jason and his assistant Bonnie shot over 4,000 photos that day and they culled it down to 922. That’s a lot of editing and retouching. I’m sure you can tell that we’re big on photographs – even more so than video – and when we started looking for a wedding photographer we really wanted someone talented.

But not only that – someone who could handle the technical aspects and make everything come out very well – because it’s not all composition, especially on a dark dance floor – we’ve seen way too many wedding photographs where the photographer generally sucked. Uninspired shots, flat, washed out colors – bad lighting, everything. It’s too easy to hire a bad wedding photographer. It’s even easier to hire a paint-by-numbers wedding photographer.

And although we know there are a set of formal ‘required’ shots – we’ve seen really bad ones of those also.

Out of everyone we checked out in Atlanta, we really only found 2 photographers whom we felt could really deliver the way we wanted. We went with JasonSpruill and he and his assistant that day did a really great job. (It was honestly worth every penny of Leah’s parent’s money. 🙂

Jason and his assistant Bonnie are also really nice – they’re actually our facebook and twitter friends (although we did meet them first as our wedding photographers and then ‘friended’ each other after.) Get Married – Short Version from on Vimeo.

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  1. These are great! I agree that it's easy to get a mediocre at best photographer, but it looks like your investigation and care in picking someone with talent really paid off!

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