So – due to our inability to save money, the other night we(I) decided to have dinner at Watershed in Decatur – which apparently is …”the collaborative creation of Indigo Girls’ Emily Saliers with three women partners and award winning chef Scott Peacock.”

Which means the prices are more than our average night at Mellow Mushroom. But still. Good stuff – at least the stuff we ordered – in fact, Leah even ate some fish (she’s generally vegetarian except sushi – but this wasn’t sushi!)

I had this:

Watershed - Lamb

and Leah had:

That’s catfish, with fries and hush puppies – which reminds me that that is another thing that Phoenix doesn’t have at all – they don’t have biscuits, they don’t have grits, and they definitely have never heard of hush puppies… it’s too bad really – this stuff is good. Seriously. Even someplace as generally generic as the Flying Biscuit is now would totally clean up if someone open up shop in Phoenix.

It’s a nice space @ Watershed and it started getting pretty busy soon after we arrived at dinner time – but our food was really enjoyable and that garlic braised lamb shank with sweet potato puree and sauteed spinach? Probably in my top 3 lamb meals ever – but most lamb I get really isn’t that impressive to begin with ya know?

Busy day today – Leah’s mother goes in for knee replacement surgery so there’s that to worry about and although we know everything will be fine, it’s Leah’s mom and it’s never a fun thing to see your mother in the hospital and in the general pain you feel after surgery – so good thoughts and energies all around in that direction on that matter.

It’s Monday and the week’s just beginning – this one won’t let up and there really isn’t any other choice but to go along with it and its busy-ness – my current class ends today and starts tomorrow – the pace is pretty fast but somehow I’ve managed to keep up pretty well. Leah’s getting ready for school to start and we need to begin packing for the move down the street to Inman Park! We need boxes! We need trash bags! (but not the racket that is the Decatur trash bag service – they make you pay a premium to use their ‘special’ trash bags or else they won’t pick up your trash if you use a regular bag – the higher price is supposed to make you choose products with less packaging so that you’re throwing away less materials… but really, it just ends up costing you much more because you have to buy these special bags that are only sold at like 2 stores in all of Decatur!)

Ha. Actually… that’s one of the things we’re happiest about leaving – Decatur’s trash bag rip off plan.

Anyways! Let’s go.

2 Replies to “Dinner @ Watershed in Decatur

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever order that fish again. It was a bit much for someone that doesn’t eat much fish to begin with. But the sides and dessert were good.

    I am so sick of the stupid trash bags. They don’t even work well- they’re always ripping! And they don’t fit any normal size trash cans, either. Grrr.

  2. dang. I need a better camera. is that a macro setting on yours for these food photos? beautiful. and it makes me hungry. 🙂

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