So instead of being tired and bumming around the house after work yesterday – we decided to wake up and actually go out and do the things we planned on doing. (Sometimes we decide that we’re just tired.) So we rushed to get ready and leave the house then arrived at Valentina’s book signing at the Latin American Association and then had our share of free snacks and wine. PLUS – we ran into Melissa L. – she saw Leah but couldn’t place the face until she saw us both and pieced it together that we were/are LeahAndMark (dot com!)

We had some time to kill before the Elite gathering so we drove down Cheshire Bridge and stopped over at this place:

The food was alright, but once again Leah’s mandarin skills came in handy and improved things. The waiter moved to Atlanta from Beijing about two years ago and once she started out with her skillz, he was impressed and happily directed her to a better tasting menu item (the english translations of foreign foods rarely do them justice ya know?) – then we made it over to the gathering at the Chocolate Pink Pastry Cafe. It was a good time – the cupcakes and desserts were good but really, it’s all about seeing our friends.

Those two there with Leah are Naoya and Shelli – they’re quite awesome and when we move to Inman Park, they’ll be living just on the other side of the railroad tracks from us – we run into them quite often at the events and I think we’ll need to actually hangout with them other than those times simply because they’re cool, AND because the gatherings always get REALLY LOUD! – Plus, it’ll be an excuse for Leah and I to check out their favorite hangout spot, The Local.

This is Katherine D. and Stacy K.! – I met Katherine D. a few months ago and she had just received a baby goat as a gift from her boyfriend… ummm… so anyways they bought another goat and now they have some chickens too. Mind you, this isn’t like some other cities where the rural parts are right outside town – like Phoenix, where as recently as 10 years ago the outskirts were still farms and as recently as 20 years ago, the city was half it’s relative size and the rest was ALL farmland. In my high school, the 4H club and ummm… FFA (Future Farmers of America) were quite strong in numbers. And of course, the Arizona State Fair has a substantial livestock section where you can win ribbons!

So anyways. We can’t wait for her to invite us to a party so we can see the goats!

The party was in the upstairs portion of the cafe which is pretty much a loft apartment so the bathroom has a bathtub.

We’re heading off to watch Leah’s brother graduate from high school today and that should finish out the graduation season for us! No more until next year! And if anyone else is graduating well… back off! No more!

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  1. Oh, soooo cool! Thanks to both to come and join me in such a great, important night for me! It was SO great to have you both there!

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