It’s often interesting how we become acquaintances or friends with other people. The owners of the ultra hip and cool-like-we-wish-we-were clothing store Dresscodes in downtown Decatur is owned by our friends Karen and Brett. Karen used to work with Leah at her job a long time ago, but since their store is just around the corner from our house, every now and then we’re fortunate enough to get to hang out and have dinner and/or drinks with them.

Tonight we met up with the couple after closing hours and walked through downtown and over to Carpe Diem. They’re an awesome couple and I am happy that we know them. In fact, only recently I have really started to notice the collection of ‘couples’ that we’re collecting as friends. There are a few others and each couple is very different – although all of them are obviously cool and interesting (says me!)

With everyones busy schedules we haven’t had the chance to catch up with Karen and Brett for a while but it was nice to see them and talk about anything over a bottle of wine. I suppose I could elaborate or that I could say more and add some witty comments or awesome photos – but I kept my camera down and out of sight mostly. I didn’t even take any photos of the food – which was also quite good.

I fly out to Phoenix on Thursday and it’ll be nice to see my friends. There’s a time crunch since I’m spending all of Friday and Saturday with my family up north in Flagstaff, but I’ll still get to hangout with my friend Amy from high school. I’ve known her for… well, a long time now and if anyone other than Leah can be considered my partner in crime – it would be Amy.

We had so many good times hanging out at Denny’s late at night.