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Wednesday by Leah

To My Son | Wednesday by Leah

To my dear son,

Thank you for making me a mother. Not just any mother, but YOUR mother. For you are a radiant and joyful being, serious yet happy, intense but filled with light. You take my face in your tiny hands and stare so deeply into my eyes… focused, probing. I wonder what you see there. And then you break into a smile so huge (and toothless!) that I wonder if your look of intense concentration was just a figment of my imagination. How do you switch so quickly from seriousness to levity? Perhaps one day you will tell me.

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This is an imperfect world, and as you begin to encounter some of the harsh and painful aspects of it, I hope your seriousness will allow you to give each issue, each feeling, due consideration. And I hope your levity will help you continually find the joy of this world, to shine light into the darkness.

Atlanta Photographers | Wednesday by Leah | Parenting

I love you with a fierceness that scares me at times, and I will use that ferocity to fuel my efforts to make this world a happier and more just place. I will be your protector, your biggest champion, your most adoring fan, and hopefully one of your best and most favorite teachers. I will listen. I will ask questions. And sometimes I will talk too much and sometimes you will humor me and sometimes you will let me know that you have your own answers and I need to trust you.

Atlanta Photographers | Wednesday by Leah | Parenting

We will have grand adventures and more ordinary ones, but I promise that each day will be an adventure.

Atlanta Photographers | Wednesday by Leah | Parenting

One day you will not need me so much, and I will be enormously proud and incredibly sad at the same time, and I hope that I will smile and wave you on your way and I hope you will remember to look back and blow me a kiss, to call and write and visit, because at this very moment I cannot imagine a single day without your sweet face greeting me, your tiny hands cupping my cheeks, your serious eyes staring into mine, and your smile lighting up my world.

Atlanta Photographers | Wednesday by Leah | Parenting

Love you always and then some,

Your mother

Wednesday by Leah | Show Me Some Leg

– Posted by Leah

So. Leg Warmers. BabyRoX wears them often, and I get comments on them every time I take him out and about with his leg warmers on. We LOVE them! For a variety of reasons… which I will list for you here:

1. Diaper changes/potty time – WAY easier. No pants to pull on and off, only the three snaps on his onesie (and not even that if he has just a t-shirt and a cute cloth diaper on!), compared to some of the baby outfits that have like 10 snaps on the legs. | Parenting | Wednesday by Leah
2. Knee protection! Now that he is trying to crawl – and soon will be crawling – the leg warmers protect his sweet, soft little knees from rug burns.

3. Warming up/cooling off is super quick. Infants’ bodies don’t adjust as easily to temperature changes so the leg warmers make it easy to quickly warm him up or cool him down – just pull them on and off, no major outfit changes needed! | Parenting | Wednesday by Leah
4. OMG cute factor. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from! We have all kinds of stripes, we have some that look like fire trucks, some with little monsters all over them, a pair with scout badges, an argyle pair, a polka dot pair, a pair with monkeys and stars, and the list goes on. It’s easy to jazz up an outfit and mix-and-match for a variety of looks. They are oh-so-cute and I just can’t resist stocking up when there is a sale online. | Parenting | Wednesday by Leah

Which brings me to the question you’re all asking – where can we get these awesome leg warmers? I need to buy a bunch and carry them around with me because other moms are always asking me where to find them, and I could totally whip some out and make a sale, but… I don’t feel like being a middleman. Er, woman. So here’s where I get them: Amazon and Amazon has several brands I’ve tried: Ema Jane is a great brand for the newborns or kids with really tiny legs. BabyRoX has outgrown these already because he has such delicious thighs. My Little Legs is another brand you can find on Amazon and those are bigger – they fit great now, and length-wise, there is plenty of room to grow, too. And then the BabyLegs brand can also be purchased on Amazon, or you can purchase directly from their site. They have the largest selection, and they offer newborn size and a larger size. Every so often they have sale days on BabyLegs and you can get them for $4.99/pair. I’d wait for the sale, personally.

Oh, and this post is in no way sponsored – I just get asked about the leg warmers ALL.THE.TIME. and we are big fans of them, so I’m sharing the love! Happy shopping!