Warhol Screen Test | High Museum of Art

– Text & Video by +Jo – Photos by Alumni Intern Andre This is the time of the year that makes me miss my family terribly. Miss the traditions we had when I was young. Miss the conversations, laughter and communal meals filled with love. I created a new family in Savannah with all my […]


Happy Turkey Day!

Mark and I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Our healthy, amazing son. A fantastic birth and a great recovery. Each other. Our incredibly supportive families. But we are also so very thankful for YOU. Our amazing + photographers who work their booties off so that LeahAndMark.com can take on bigger and […]

Thanksgiving Dinner

Here are our Thanksgiving dinner photos. I know. You. Are. Excited…Click Here. We really like taking photos – have you noticed? This year I am most thankful for two things: my family, and our super fun photography endeavor.  Wait, no make that three things…I’m also really thankful for my social work education/internship/burgeoning career. So, to […]