testing, testing… | by +Elaine

this song by Marianas Trench is stuck in my head. and has been ever since Intern Mad(eline) and I photoboothed in the TOMS booth at the Journeys Backyard BBQ free outdoor concert. sorry, lots of prepositional phrases there. anyway, think of this as the hip, skater, new-millenium version of those old debbie gibson/tiffany mall concerts. (please don’t tell […]


Cheers for Children

I have a really awesome job. Really. I love it for a lot of reasons - capturing moments, documenting emotion – and one of them is the fact that I never know where it’s going to take me next. Literally. Last Saturday, I woke up and had a garage sale at my house in the morning… […]


Prom Night

– Posted by Krista Once upon a time, I didn’t like high school. I got good grades and managed to avoid the shame of riding the bus once my friends and I could drive, but mostly, high school sucked. I couldn’t wait to break out and move on, away from the math classes I loathed […]